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(Pocket-lint) - It might be a little while since Game of Thrones ended, but if you've still never watched the epic fantasy series you've probably noticed that its box sets can be pricey.

Thankfully, though, there's a sweet Amazon Prime Day discount on the entire run of Game of Thrones that can net you the whole series for a lower price than normal.

For the perfect viewing experience, you can grab the 4K Blu-ray version of the box-set, which is down from £200 to just £135.99 on Amazon UK, while in the US you can get it for $153.99 down from $254.99.

If you haven't got a 4K TV or don't fancy that admittedly still hefty price tag, you can opt for the normal Blu-ray version of the series, which still looks pin-sharp. In the UK, it's down to £67.99 from £79.99, while in the US it's at $115.99 down from $204.99.

Finally, the standard DVD version of the series is also nicely discounted, coming down from £74.99 to £54.39 in the UK, and from $169.99 to $116.52 in the US.

Of course, you might either have already seen the show and want more action, or be waiting to watch it until you've finished the source books - in which case we've got good news, too. The full box-set of all the books so far released in the Song of Ice and Fire is also discounted for Prime Day.

In the UK it's down to £24.50, while in the US you can grab it for just $26.93, making the books a seriously value-efficient way to explore Westeros.

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