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(Pocket-lint) - Roku has long been one of our favourite flavours of streaming devices, with its simple interface meaning it's easy to get directly to the content you want to watch - with some of the widest support in the industry. 

Roku has announced discounts on a number of its models, with something for everyone. With low prices, thanks to the Black Friday sales, the question is why wouldn't you buy one? These sales run until 6 December, so you need to move fast.

Roku Express - save up to 53%
Roku Express 4K - up to 42% saving
Roku Streaming Stick+ - save up to 50%
Roku Streambar - save over 20%

Why buy a Roku?

Roku is one of the most popular choices for streaming devices thanks to the variety of models on offer and the simplicity of the interface. You can choose from models that only support 1080p, or take a step up to 4K depending on whether you're going to connect it to a small or larger television. 

Roku's interface doesn't bamboozle with recommendations and curated content, instead it offers direct access to all the services you need - Apple TV+, Disney+, Netflix and more - while also offering skills like Spotify Connect, casting and on some models AirPlay 2. 

The remote keeps things simple too, allowing quick control of your attached device. The big decision is what sort of device you want. The Roku Express is a compact set-top box than will be visible, while the Streaming Stick will allow you to hide it out of sight, which we feel is the better option for advanced users. 

The Roku Streambar also offers a soundbar, so it's idea for a small room upgrade, perhaps for a dorm room or bedroom. 

Writing by Chris Hall. Editing by Adrian Willings.