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SamsungSamsung Q9F QLED TV image 2

Samsung Q9F QLED 65-inch TV

  • Combines unprecedented brightness and colour
  • Pictures are uniquely watchable in bright living rooms

Samsung's Q9F is another great television now priced at £1699.99 (was £4479), with outstanding high dynamic range playback, unprecedented brightness and colour performance - now with over a £2700 saving.

SonySony A1 4K OLED TV official images image 1

Sony A1 OLED 4K 55-inch TV

  • A unique design
  • Good sound quality
  • Beautiful pictures

Save over £1900 on the Sony's 55A1 with its stunning OLED HDR screen that has a truly beautiful picture, and strong sound quality. It also has the speakers built into the display that's priced at £1599, previously £3500

LGLG OLED C8 review lead image 1

LG OLED C8 65-inch TV

  • Superb picture quality 
  • Sophisticated Smart TV platform
  • Great audio performance
  • Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support

There is over a £1400 discount on this LG OLED TV that delivers its best picture quality, with a rich feature-set - it's one of the best TVs we've ever seen, which now costs £2389.99, was £3799.

SamsungSamsung Q9FN QLED TV review image 3

Samsung Q9FN 65-inch TV

  • Greatest HDR picture quality to date
  • A robust audio system
  • An exceptionally sophisticated smart TV engine

This Samsung TV shines with full colour, contrast and brightness that serves up so much of HDR's potential. Now costing £2394 and sports a £1300 saving.

Pocket-lintLG OLED B7 image 2

LG OLED B7 55-inch TV

  • Wonderful blacks and excellent contrast
  • Boosted brightness means better HDR performance
  • Dolby Vision and Atmos support
  • Rich visuals

LG's OLED B7 is a stunning TV, an absolute joy to watch: it's extraordinarily tempting, even more so with a £900 saving, costing £1039, previously £1999.

PanasonicPanasonic FZ802 OLED TV review image 1

Panasonic FZ802 OLED 55-inch TV

  • Sublime picture accuracy
  • Exceptional HDR images
  • Robust smart platform
  • Solid build quality

There is a £500 discount today on this Panasonic mid-range OLED TV that has great picture quality, a minimalist design: it's a simple but effective smart platform with decent sound, priced at £1799, was £2299.

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