As the High Definition battle wages on, one site has put up a series of pictures to explain why you should get excited about the new wave of high definition movies coming your way this summer.

To show off the difference in picture quality, the site owner took snap shots from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring and then allows you to highlight the difference.

The methods used are explained below:

“I used WinDVD 6 to capture files from the DVD, and Elecard MPEG2 player to capture from the HD stream. Both were captured directly to BMP files and converted to JPG at very high quality so there should be almost no artifacting introduced (sorry, the BMP files were too large to use).”

“I used Photoshop to bicubically resample the DVD source images from 852x480 to match the 1920x1080 of the HD images. This page features the HD image sampled down to the DVD's resolution of 852x480. Surprisingly, even at DVD-resolution the HD source features more detail.”

The difference is pretty stunning.

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