Best LED TVs 2022: HD, Full HD and 4K options explored

Mid-sized 32 inch LED TV with smart features and a clear full HD image (image credit: Samsung)
With a solid 40 inch display, this LED TV packs smart features and a clear 4K resolution for a great price. (image credit: Vizio)
A compact LED TV that works perfectly ina small bedroom of kitchen. (image credit: Insignia)
This 50 inch LED TV shows that you don't need to empty your wallet for a 4K smart TV. (image credit: TCL)
A very well-priced 4K smart TV that'll be a perfect fit in your living room. (image credit: Toshiba)
A mid-size stylish LED TV with a solid 720p display. (image credit: Sony)
Fantastic smart features and a great 1080p display makes it an ideal addition to your living room. (image credit: Hisense)
A high-end 4K LED TV packed with smart features. (image credit: LG)
Absolutely packed full of features to make an excellent cinemaor gaming experience. (image credit: Vizio)
Cinematic and gaming experience at its best. This OLED TV is full of fantastic features that will make your viewing experience that much better. (image credit: Samsung)

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