(Pocket-lint) - It may all be about streaming these days, but those who have a physical copy of their shows or movies can still enjoy them through the power of a top Blu-ray player.

Blu-ray discs give your entertainment a big leap forward in terms of picture quality, taking things from SD to HD 1080p. However, while picking up a dedicated box may seem like a simple way to get the most out of your collection, there's plenty to understand before you buy, as not all Blu-ray players are created equally.

Some will come with the ability to upscale DVDs, others stick to the very basics and a select few double up as a streaming box. It can get a little twisted, so to help you avoid getting stung, we've detailed some of the top Blu-ray players below.

Best Blu-ray players to buy right now


LG BP175


LG's BP175 is one of the most reliable players on the market, and power users who want the very best experience will have no problems matching the top-end asking price here.

One of its best features is simply the ability to play Blu-ray discs from Region A, B, or C, which is also backed up by the fact it can upscale DVDs from SD to the typical 1080p HD - so, there's no need to have a separate box.


Sony BDP-S3700


Sony's BDP-S3700 sits more in the mid-range, offering the bonus of being able to operate like a streaming box, not just a simple Blu-ray player.

You're able to stream 1080p HD quality using Wi-Fi, or by casting from mobile devices, and those with more of an extensive DVD collection will also see their movies or shows upscaled, too. 

Just be aware that while you can access plenty of the most popular streaming services through the Wi-Fi, Amazon Prime is currently not available.


Sony UBP-X700


Sony's high-end UBP-X700 takes things a step further than much of the competition, acting as a home for DVD and Blu-ray discs (regular and 4K Ultra HD), as well as offering streaming capabilities over Wi-Fi.

Everything you watch is upscaled to 4K, with HDR10 and Dolby Vision also working to give you the best possible picture - even for those watching on non-HDR TVs.

It's perhaps overkill for people looking for a simple Blu-ray player, but those who want something that can deliver the highest quality available right now needn't look any further.


Philips BDP1502


If you just want a classic Blu-ray player without any of the frills - and, crucially, without the lofty price tag of 4K options, Philips' BDP1502 is a good choice.

You get Full HD 1080p upscaling for all of your standard definition DVDs, as well as a remote to control picture-in-picture for video and audio choices.

As we say, there are no advanced features here - and those who want streaming capabilities will have to look elsewhere - but it's a solid pick for those who just want a portal for their mountains of discs.


LG BP250


If you just want a place to play your Blu-ray discs without spending over the odds, LG's budget BP250 is the one to consider.

There's absolutely no bells or whistles here, which is to be expected for the price, but it does handle the basics with ease. Providing your Blu-ray discs are from Region B and your DVDs are Region 2, you'll be able to receive 1080p playback and upscaling.

You won't get the ability to play 4K options, and the BP250 doesn't double up as a streaming box, but it's one of the most cost-effective choices out there for people who just want a home for their discs.


Tojock EVP-101


Tojock might not be a household name, but the EVP-101 is still a relatively affordable Blu-ray player packed with the most typically required features.

There's support for discs from Region A and Region B (although unfortunately not Region C), while other discs, such as DVDs, can be from any region. Even better, the 1080p Full HD playback isn't just restricted to your Blu-ray discs, with SD DVDs also receiving upscaling.

All in all, it's a great device to consider if you have discs from plenty of different regions and don't require streaming capabilities.


Panasonic DP-UB150EB-K


It might be a little on the pricier side, but Panasonic's DP-UB150EB-K offers plenty of functionality.

It's able to support HDR10 playback, 4K UHD for your compatible Blu-ray discs, and even upscale SD DVDs, giving you a wide range of choice from your library.

There's no Wi-Fi support, which means it doesn't give you the same streaming box capabilities as other devices at this price range, but it's a solid pick for those who just want a new home for their discs.

Writing by Conor Allison.
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