(Pocket-lint) - It might feel more and more like the television industry wants you to buy a bigger set every time you upgrade until your world is dominated by 55-inch screens or larger, and there's some truth to that.

Still, though, many of us have living spaces or situations that call out for smaller TVs, and a 32-inch screen is a perfect size for a lot of people. That's why we've taken a detailed look at the market to find you the very best models available right now if this is the size you're looking for. 

The best 32-inch TVs on the market right now




We're getting more and more used to LG topping or coming out near the pinnacle of our television lists across a range of sizes, and with good reason. 

The 32LM630BPLA is another stellar entry at a smaller size, with a great full HD resolution and HDR that adapts in real-time to what you're watching. Most impressive of all, arguably, is its really decent price. 

It might not be revolutionary on the design front, but this is a super television for most people's needs. 


Samsung T5300


Samsung's TVs are generally excellent options, but almost always come out a decent chunk more expensive, and that's very much the case with this full HD set.

Still, though, the picture quality is exemplary at this size, and given that 4K isn't really a thing for 32-inch set, you can't get much better. It's got HDR on board for great colour, and Samsung's Tizen OS is a handy and easy-to-use smart TV platform, too. 


Sony Bravia KDL32WE613BU


The Sony Bravia line is one of the more storied in the television market, not least because it used to produce some of the most-shared and appreciated adverts going. 

Still, the range also has some great TVs to offer up to this day, and this 32-inch option is one of the most nicely-designed on the market. The picture is also excellent, with HDR pairing nicely with its full-HD resolution. 


Cello ZBVD0223


Cello has a fair few things going for it with this TV - it's not some huge corporation, and makes its units in Britain, so you can be more confident of its supply chain. That also translates to a seriously impressive price.

The picture is really solid given that budget pricetag, with a Freeview HD built in for convenience. That said, this isn't such a smart TV than the others listed, so you'll want a TV box of some sort to pair with it. 


Samsung The Frame


    Returning to Samsung, our final pick is the most expensive by a distance, and the most interesting - The Frame. Samsung's designed this QLED display to blend into your home.

    That means it can display art while on low-power modes to live up to its name, and become a frame on your wall instead of a black void. We love the idea, and the TV also looks superb in use, with HDR and that QLED display producing beautiful image quality at a smaller size. It won't be for everyone, but we think The Frame is a bold idea that's come off well. 

    Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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