(Pocket-lint) - Welcome to our guide to the best 65-inch TVs. As manufacturers find new ways to harness their technology and take leaps forward technically, the sets that almost always get those innovations first are the bigger ones in their ranges.

If you're used to smaller TVs, the jump to a 65-inch television can feel like a big one, but trust us that it's worth it if you can fit one in. You'll be transported into the content you're watching or playing and will be able to plan movie nights that really are like going to the theatre. So, to that end, we've gathered some of the very best 65-inch TVs on the market right now for you to choose from.

Our pick of the best 65-inch 4K TVs to buy today




LG's OLED C9 is our reigning choice regardless of size. It's simply a stunner on all counts, from its design to the outrageous quality of its OLED screen. 

It's running LG's own webOS platform, which we've consistently found to be one of the best smart TV OS options around, and Dolby Vision and Atmos are both present and correct, making for a superb blend of audio and picture quality. It's also superb for gaming, with input lag that's almost bafflingly low. It's a superb overall package, although you'll fork out plenty for it. 


Samsung QE65Q70R


Samsung's also got a say in this matter, though, and its Q70R range includes a 65-inch version that seriously wowed us when we tested it. It's one of Samsung's most premium TVs, rocking the South Koreans' top of the QLED tech, and while that means it isn't technically Dolby Atmos or Vision compliant, we don't think you'll be complaining.

It looks unbelievably good, in short, both in picture quality and on the design side, where it isn't noticeable, in the best way possible. The full range of HDR10+ compatibility is here, and colours are simply gorgeous. It's a brilliant alternative to LG's curtain-raiser. 




In fact, though, LG's recent TV output has been so stellar that even the TV that preceded the C9, the C8, is still an absolutely superb option if you're looking for a 65-inch display. It may be from 2018, but the fact is that it still offers a quality of picture that would absolutely wow most people shopping today. 

Like the C9, there's no HDR10+, but as in the newer set's case that's an acceptable footnote given how brilliant the picture quality is, and how good the TV looks even when it's off. You do get Dolby Atmos and Vision, though, to go with sparkling 4K resolutions. 


Panasonic GZ2000


Panasonic's stunning GZ2000, when we reviewed it, had what we were happy to call the best picture we'd ever seen on a commercial set, and that means that it's going to be a reliable purchase for most people's uses well into the future. That said, you'll pay a premium for Panasonic's OLED tech, but then none of these superb 65-inch TVs are exactly cheap.

Dolby Vision is present and correct, as is HDR10+, which makes for absolutely jaw-dropping visual performance and colours that pop out beautifully, and the TV itself is also really nice to look at, with a solid and clean stand to rest on if you're not wall-mounting. 


Sony KD-65XF9005


Sony's stunning use of a full backlight on the KD-65XF9005 has made for an astonishingly bright and impressive TV on the picture side of things - it shows that you don't have to break the bank to get great performance at this size (even if it's still on the pricey side for many people). 

It Android TV OS isn't our favourite for actual use, but it's far from the worst on the market and the reality is that you're buying this for the picture, not the OS. You've got HDR10 and Dolby Vision to make colours pop, while the brightness overall is second to none. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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