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(Pocket-lint) - It can be a difficult thing, choosing a new television. There are a bunch of approaches you can take, and priorities you might have - you could start by working out exactly how much space you have for it, so that you know its sizing, or you might be concentrating on picture quality or even just how many HDMI ports it's got.

If you're looking into it, you'll have found that there are loads of TVs out there that sit somewhere from 48 inches in size to 50 inches, all of them really similar in overall size once bezels are taken into account. That's why we've bundled those sizes together for you here, to form a list of the very best televisions in that ballpark. 

Our pick of the best 48, 49, and 50-inch 4K TVs to buy today

PanasonicThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home image 1

Panasonic TX-50HX800BZ


This is a 50-inch model, and we think it's an absolutely superb deal when you're considering both price and quality - the picture Panasonic manages here is straightforwardly excellent. 4K and HDR are both fully accounted for, while the latter allow for both HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision, a great set of compatibilities. 

Dolby Atmos is also on board to power your sound system, making for a superb all-rounder that uses its HCX chip to upscale content really impressively where applicable. We also think it looks great, with almost no bezel to speak of on three sides. It's a great TV for most people's needs.

LGThe Best 48 49 And 50-inch Smart Tvs For 2020 Get A Great 4k Television For Your Home image 1



We're happy to say (and we do it often) that LG has reached the peak of its TV game in the last couple of years - it just keeps putting out great TVs, and this 49-inch beauty is no different. It's a delightful 4K HDR TV with both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision in play, and a really nice design with that curved, wide stand. 

Bezels are as tiny as you'd hope for, while LG's webOS system is easy to use and responsive. Colours look superb, response rates are really low which makes for great gaming, and HDMI 2.1 means it's got solid future-proofing, too. 

SamsungThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home photo 7

Samsung Q80T


A lot of Samsung's TVs nowadays have an impressive feeling of prestige to them - they're high-quality and often high-cost, but also almost always singularly impressive sets. The Q80T is no different, a 49-inch TV that we're really taken with (it's also available in bigger sizes). 

It uses Samsung's trademark QLED tech to power a brilliant display that oozes quality colour and really deep, inky blacks, while the design is absolutely textbook, with tiny bezels.

PhilpsThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home photo 9

Philips 50PUS7505/12


Philips manages an impressive balancing act with this TV, keeping costs distinctly mid-range but bringing some premium features, not least both Dolby Atmos and Vision. It's got great HDR and is, of course, fully 4K.

Part of its cost-cutting might be the explanation for the lack of Ambilight built-in, but it's a feature you can easily live without, especially with such impressive picture quality to make up for it. Philip's own Saphi OS is also one of the better ones out there, so it comes together to form a really solid package. 

JVCThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home image 1

JVC Fire TV Edition


Our final pick goes to JVC, which has been putting out really impressive low-budget TVs for some time now, and has continued that fine form by tying in with Amazon on the Fire TV Edition. The 49-inch version is a seriously solid TV for its price, which undercuts the others on this list handily. 

It's built nice and solidly, albeit with a slightly less premium feel to some of the others above it, but running Fire TV like it does is a great shortcut - it makes for a really easy system that's got all the apps you want and quick access to movies and TV shows. HDR is on board to make sure that colours look great, too, and it all adds up to a very impressive package at the price. 

TCLThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home photo 11

TCL 5-Series S535


TCL chips in with a seriously great 50-inch TV here, which uses QLED technology much like the Samung model we've already looked at, for a brilliant and sharp picture. 

It's sensibly priced right in the middle of the road, so shouldn't surprise you into spending more than you'd like, and has a clean and simple design that should blend in to pretty much any sort of room. HDR10 and Dolby Vision are both on board, meanwhile, to ensure that colours look beautiful. 

InsigniaThe best 48 49 and 50-inch smart TVs for 2020 Get a great 4K television for your home photo 12

Insignia NS-50DF710NA21


This Insignia TV is a great option for our readers in the United States - it also builds Amazon's Fire TV platform into its OS. That means you have super easy access to loads of shows and movies, especially with an Amazon Prime account.

The TV itself, meanwhile, is a solid 4K number that's most impressive because of how extremely affordable it is - a TV this size, with this resolution, would normally cost much more. That makes it a compelling option. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 18 June 2020.
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