(Pocket-lint) - A 55-inch TV feels, in many ways, like it's the current sweet spot in the television market. You generally get access to the very newest flagships from the big manufacturers, with all the new bells and whistles they introduce, alongside less expensive options that can be mightily impressive.

On the size front, it also means that your TV is big enough to be a proper home entertainment centre, but not so titanic that it becomes difficult to house or fit in a room. That's why we've gathered together some of the very best 55-inch TVs available right now, so that you can get a sense for what the market can offer. 

Our pick of the best 55-inch Ultra HD TVs to buy today




LG is doing superb work in the TV market at the moment, and the C9 is straightforwardly one of the best televisions we've ever tested, showcasing everything that LG's doing right. 

Its beautiful 4K panel has stunning colours and depth, while HDMI 2.1 means this is a perfect TV to future-proof your home entertainment as new consoles and connections come around. Its OS is simple to use, and even the sound quality is exemplary. This is as good as it gets. 


Philips 803 OLED


Philips has been cleverly using its lighting expertise to offer something unique with its TVs for a little while now, and the 803 shows just how well that system can work, with Ambilight bringing extra immersion to your viewing. Its 4K picture is stunning, while its HDR performance is also exemplary. 

It's got gorgeous brightness, and a near-invisible bezel that means its design is almost unnoticeable - a very good thing in this area. 


Panasonic GZ2000


If you're deadline serious about picture quality, Panasonic has come up with a stunning proposition here, which was pretty much the best OLED TV we'd tested when we tried it out - its colour range and detail are both astonishing in real-time.

On top of that, Dolby Atmos tuning will bring the best out of your sound system, and smart touches like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa compatibility make it a great fit if you're a smart home aficionado. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ round out an impressive, if expensive package. 


Samsung Q90R


We think this is one of Samsung's best ever TVs, and that puts it in pretty elite company given some of the superb models it's put out in recent years. The display is jaw-dropping and has some amazing touches to make sure that viewing angles are great and reflections minimal, while HDR10+ looks as good as you could hope for. 

It's also great to look at, although its stand isn't quite as elegant as some competitors on this list - still, it actually makes the TV easier to place, so that's swings and roundabouts stuff. 


Philips OLED+ 934


Philips gets a second placing on this list with another really impressive TV, and again packs in its great Ambilight tech to make for dramatic lighting. This one is perfect for those who want an all-in-one solution for home cinema viewing - it comes with a Dolby Atmos-capable Bowers & Wilkin-tuned soundbar that's custom to the TV, making it a great pairing. 

On top of that you get the superb picture quality and easy OS that you'd hope for from a 4K TV, making it a real proposition for those who don't want to complicate things by shopping around for sound accessories. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Dan Grabham.
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