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(Pocket-lint) - A 55-inch TV feels, in many ways, like it's the current sweet spot in the television market. You generally get access to the very newest flagships from the big manufacturers, with all the new bells and whistles they introduce, alongside less expensive options that can be mightily impressive.

On the size front, it also means that your TV is big enough to be a proper home entertainment centre, but not so titanic that it becomes difficult to house or fit in a room. That's why we've gathered together some of the very best 55-inch TVs available right now, so that you can get a sense for what the market can offer. 

Our pick of the best 55-inch Ultra HD TVs to buy today

LGBest 55-inch TV for 2020 Get a fantastic new 55 television photo 8



LG's flagship 2020 TV was the CX, and it's rightly been lauded from all quarters as one of the best OLED sets ever made. Simply put, it looks astonishingly good and is set up to be future-proofed for years to come.

It's great for movies and TV, but also superb if you're getting a next-gen console any time soon, as it has both HDMI 2.1 and high refresh rate modes to let you take advantage of new features. We think it's likely the best choice for everyone, if they can afford it. 

SamsungBest 55-inch TV for 2020 Get a fantastic new 55 television photo 10

Samsung Q95T


If you've seen Samsung's QLED display tech before you'll know that it offers a really tempting alternative to the dominance of OLED screens. If you want to go the QLED route, the best option is this superb TV, which has to be seen to be believed. 

The picture quality is sumptuous, while Samsung's Tizen OS is one of our favourite systems for a modern smart TV, simple and easy to use. It's a heck of a package. 

PhilipsBest 55-inch TV for 2020 Get a fantastic new 55 television photo 9

Philips 55OLED805


Philips gets a placing on this list with another really impressive TV, and again packs in its great Ambilight tech to make for dramatic lighting. It's a feature that genuinely elevates the viewing and gaming experience.

On top of that, you get the superb picture quality and easy OS that you'd hope for from a 4K TV, making it a real proposition for those who are looking for a way to get that little extra bit of immersion. 

SamsungBest 55-inch TV for 2020 Get a fantastic new 55 television photo 11

Samsung TU8000


Samsung's sets can often be among the more expensive to most consumers, especially if you're going for a QLED option. That's what's so impressive about the TU8000, which opts for simpler Crystal UHD tech to keep the costs down.

It's still hardly a budget set, but represents great value for the quality of picture that you end up with, all with Samsung's high build quality and finish to polish it off. It's a great option for those looking more in the mid-range. 

SonyBest 55-inch TV for 2020 Get a fantastic new 55 television photo 12

Sony Bravia KD55X70


Sony's Bravia line may have produced some of the best adverts ever aired, but it's also got pedigree when it comes to the actual TVs. 

This is a great midrange option to round out our list, especially now that it's typically discounted, and offers really great 4K HDR compatibility. With Freeview Play on board in the UK, you can also get watching TV without needing any external hardware, which is always welcome.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 16 June 2020.
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