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(Pocket-lint) - Surveying the TV industry not only now but in recent years, you'd be forgiven for thinking that no one wants a television any smaller than 55 inches - from the way most lines launch, and the looking at the priority being placed by most of the big manufacturers, big screens are where the focus is for most of them.

That doesn't mean, though, that you can't find some amazing, impressive displays at smaller sizes. In particular, we've found that for many people a 43-inch TV hits the sweet spot - it's not small, by any means, but also isn't so big that it becomes something you have to organise your entire room around. That's why we've gathered together some of the very best models available on the market right now for you to peruse. 

Best 43-inch TVs in 2022

  1. Samsung QE43QN90A
  2. LG 43NANO75UPA
  3. TCL 43EP658
  4. Philips 43PUS8506
  5. Panasonic TX-43JX600BZ

Our Top Pick: Best 43-inch TV

SamsungBest 43-inch TVs photo 13

Samsung QE43QN90A



  • Neo QLED panel technology
  • Quantum HDR 1500
  • Freesync for gaming


  • Pricey option

Samsung has got masses of classy TVs to pick from, including multiple at this size, and takes the top spot on our list because it's still producing truly premium sets at 43 inches. That does mean that the QE43QN90A is the most expensive TV on our list, as well as the best. 

It's a gorgeous set, with a central stand that makes it easy to place. It packs Samsung's trademark Neo QLED display technology to bring pinpoint clarity to bear. It's got Quantum HDR 1500, and 4K resolution, making it about as good-looking a picture as you could want for. It runs Samsung's own Tizen OS with access to all the major apps and services you're likely to need and does so snappily and responsively. 

LGBest 43-inch TVs photo 12




  • Quad-core 4K picture processor
  • NanoCell display technology
  • Versatile WebOS platform


  • The wide stand may cause issues for some users

LG is right at the top of the game at the moment, making TVs that constantly make us want to upgrade even if we've got new models - and even more, when we don't! The 43NANO75UPA is another really impressive set, which again isn't the cheapest, although others down this list will oblige on that front. 

It's a great smart TV with 4K onboard and a webOS operating system that's easily navigated. It's even got features like the filmmaker mode, letting you watch content as it was intended. The picture from the NanoCell display is gorgeous, and while it might not be LG's cheapest option at this size, it's just about our favourite. 

TCLBest 43-inch TVs for 2020 Get beautiful quality in a smaller television image 6

TCL 43EP658



  • Impressive 4k image
  • Android OS
  • Clean design


  • Upscaling isn't great

TCL has grown over recent years into one of the biggest-selling TV makers, which is due in no small part to some aggressive pricing, and that's where this model also succeeds - it's quite simply great value. You're not necessarily getting the absolute best picture quality on the market, but you're nonetheless being treated to 4K at a price that would have seemed farfetched a couple of years ago. 

Android OS means that it's a really simple, easy-to-use TV, and has great app compatibility, and while it won't win design awards, per se, it's still perfectly nice to look at. Again, at its price, these all become even more impressive. 

PhilipsBest 43-inch TVs for 2020 Get beautiful quality in a smaller television photo 14

Philips 43PUS8506



  • Ambilight gives off a cool effect
  • Android OS and Assistant features
  • HDR 10+ support


  • Silver bezels might be a turn-off for some

If you're intrigued by Philips' Ambilight technology, which throws out colour-matched backlighting to enhance your immersion in whatever content you're playing, this is a great way to get into it without splashing much cash - it's a welcome bonus here. 

You also get lovely 4K picture quality and compatibility with both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, which is great given the price Philips has slapped on it. This generation runs Android TV and is compatible with both Alexa and Google Assistant. While HDR 10+ support means that the overall picture package offered is really impressive. 

PanasonicBest 43-inch TVs for 2020 Get beautiful quality in a smaller television photo 12

Panasonic TX-43JX600BZ



  • Great smart app selection
  • Dolby Atmos audio support
  • Dolby Vision support


  • Basic styling

The JX600BZ is packed with premium technology in the form of superb movie-viewing features like Dolby Vision and Atmos to make for a great picture and sound mashup. A clean, simple design with a small stand and minimal bezels also impresses.

Finally, it can work with both Alexa and Google Assistant if you're into your smart home technology.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.
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