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(Pocket-lint) - The television resolution war shows no sign of stopping - there are probably countless people around the world still wondering whether now's the time to upgrade to a 4K TV, but manufacturers are still steaming ahead with even more high-res options. 

8K is the new 4K, in many ways, upping the resolution to a staggering 7680x4320, and that means that the major TV makers are all rushing to get sets out for you to pick from. The good news for you is that if you're looking to pick up a bleeding-edge TV, we've rounded up the best 8K models in this list for you. 

For now, it's worth saying that these three models are all extremely expensive - that's the price of being on the cutting edge of display tech. Over time, as more models hit the market, those prices will, of course, come down. 

Our pick of the best 8K TVs to buy today

SamsungThe Best 8k Tvs For 2020 Get A Future-proof Ultra-hd Television image 1

Samsung Q950TS


Samsung's 2020 flagship has absolutely knocked our socks off - this is straightforwardly about as good as a TV can get right now. It's beautifully designed, almost entirely devoid of bezels and with even the sound quality of the unit impressing us hugely. 

It's got an AI processor on board for enhanced image processing, while the TV's HDR performance is market-leading, and it'll give you picture quality and a range of colour that beggars belief. Of course, this is far from a cost-efficient set, but if you're looking for an 8K TV at this stage you're probably prepared to splash out a bit. 

LGThe best 8K TVs for 2020 Get a future-proof ultra-HD television image 2



LG took the plaudits for being the first to get an 8K TV out there, going with an OLED display that frankly beggars belief when you're watching it. At thirty actual grand, you'd hope so, of course, but this is still one of the most sumptuous TVs in the world right now. 

The Z9 offers as perfect a picture as anything can at present, and also packs in great sound and a really smooth and easy UI to make it one hell of a package. If you're dead set on 8K and have the money for it, the Z9 will feel a lot like arriving in the future. 

SonyThe Best 8k Tvs For 2020 Get A Future-proof Ultra-hd Television image 3

Sony ZG9 8K TV


Stepping down the pricepoint significantly, although still requiring a massive outlay for a television, Sony's ZG9 offerings are still able to give astonishing image performance compared to standard 4K sets. An amazing pixel count is joined by superb colour, contrast, motion and astonishing brightness and LCD backlight control.

If your budget is simply big, rather than massive, this Sony set could be the best pick for you, until more options become available. When you can get native 8K footage on it, it's like watching the world through a window, not a screen. 

SamsungThe Best 8k Tvs For 2020 Get A Future-proof Ultra-hd Television image 4

Samsung Q900 8K


Finally, Samsung's Q900 range offers the most doable price of our picks, offering TVs that you are way more likely to buy given their value. Not only does it bring the 8K resolution you want, it also offers truly amazing HDR performance, the best we've ever seen in a TV. The colour and range are both best-in-class. 

With AI-driven upscaling, your 4K content will look amazing, until there's more 8K stuff to play, and for the price you'll pay, you'll be able to sit back with confidence knowing that you'll still be enjoying pristine picture quality for years to come. The Samsung Q900 is the TV most people should buy, if they want 8K at a cost they can afford. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 31 January 2020.
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