The Pocket-lint Gadget Awards will be taking place in November, celebrating products across 18 categories from smartphones and tablets to wearables and TVs.

Each category has between six and eight nominees, whittled down from the hundreds of devices we have reviewed in full at some point in the last 12 months and there are some excellent contenders. As usual, we have delivered, and will continue to deliver, a series of features, with one for each category detailing the nominees and why we think they deserved a place on the shortlist.

Previous features have presented the nominees for best game, best smartphone, best laptop, and best heapdhones, among several others. Here we are looking at the nominees for best TV and what we loved about the eight models shortlisted. As with all the categories, it's a tough competition and there can only be one winner.

Pocket-lintLG OLED B7 image 1


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With the same panel and support in this OLED LG B7 model as the far pricier G model, there's no denying the rich picture quality of the B7 makes it easy to fall for. You can pick up cheaper LCD TVs that have the brightness to beat the B7 in the HDR stakes, but such tellies aren't a patch on the overall richness and performance when it comes to offering really deep and precise blacks. 

There are increasing OLED rivals from Panasonic, Philips and Sony, but you've got to hand it to LG: the B7 is magnificent, an absolute joy to watch. In this 55-inch size, it's extraordinarily tempting, especially as you can buy it for under £2000.

LoeweLoewe Bild 765 review image 1

Loewe Bild 7.65

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The Loewe Bild 7.65 continues OLED's 2017 winning streak with another stellar picture performance.

Its price will likely mean many AV fans are forced to turn to cheaper OLED options such as LG's E7 model instead. However, if you are able to lay your hands on the necessary cash, Loewe's OLED debutante does offer enough of a step-up in build quality, design and sound quality to impress.

PanasonicPanasonic EZ1002 TV review image 1

Panasonic EZ1002 4K TV

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The Panasonic 65EZ1002 is an astonishing TV. The delicacy of its touch when it comes to bringing out even the tiniest colour and light variation together with a slavish devotion to emulating the techniques and technologies used by the professional video mastering community delivers pictures of stunning accuracy and finesse.

That usually jaw-dropping picture work can sometimes be marginally undermined by some strange vertical light banding issues but that blip aside, Panasonic's mastery of OLED is crystal clear.

Pocket-lintphilips 55pos9002 oled preview image 1

Philips 9002

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The 55-inch POS9002 isn't your usual Philips TV. Its combination of an OLED screen and a new streamlined, ultra powerful processing engine seems to have uncovered a new side of Philips' picture quality personality - one that seems as interested in accuracy and subtlety as it used to be focused on drama and grand-standing.

The result, if you take a little care with some of the TV's settings, is a remarkably consistent, natural and immersive performance that's both great value and different enough from that of LG's rival OLED B7 to make it a truly compelling alternative. And if Ambilight is something that also lures you in, then this could be your perfect OLED TV match.

Pocket-lintSamsung MU7000 image 1

Samsung MU7000 4K TV

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Like the KS7000 of 2016, the Samsung MU7000 repeats this more affordable positioning, offering a great experience for a great price. The picture performance of the MU7000 is great and it produces 4K HDR punch when you feed it the highest quality sources, with punchy colour and brightness.

It's also a nicely designed TV with convenient features like the One Connect box and cable management that ensure a premium sheen. What really shines through about the MU7000 is the experience delivered by its mature and slick interface, making it a pleasure a use. There are TVs that deliver better contrast and handle blacks better, others that give more even illumination, but in sheer terms of bang for your buck, the Samsung MU7000 delivers by the bucketload.

SamsungSamsung Q9f Qled Tv image 1

Samsung Q9F

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The Q9F is another typically ground-breaking TV from Samsung. It pushes hard to set new standards for high dynamic range playback with its unprecedented brightness and colour performance, and is hands-down the most watchable TV in ambient light there's ever been.

The Q9F's industrial design may be a little divisive, and it's a shame that pushing for so much colour and brightness can cause backlight problems during dark scenes. If your pockets are deep enough and you do most of your viewing in a predominantly bright room, then Samsung's new flagship TV is uniquely qualified to deliver the goods.

SonySony A1 4K OLED TV official images image 1

Sony A1

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The Sony 55A1 is almost everything you could want from an OLED TV. It looks stunning, is packed with the sort of innovation and uniqueness that Sony is increasingly striving for these days, and best of all produces some genuinely beautiful pictures and strong sound quality.

Just bear in mind that while lovely, its pictures aren't the brightest around. So despite OLED's outstanding contrast capabilities, the A1 doesn't sell HDR quite as explosively as some rivals, and may not be your best bet for a really bright room. That said, Sony is back in the OLED market with a bang in the A1.

Sonysony xe93 4k tv review image 1

Sony XE93

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While not even its cutting-edge Backlight Drive technology can completely solve LCD's issues with controlling light with HDR content, the Sony 55XE9305 nonetheless improves hugely in just about every way on the efforts of its 2016 predecessor.

The XE93 unlocks all the thrills the very latest picture technologies have to offer while also effortlessly taking yesterday's pictures to places they've seldom if ever been taken before. All for a price which, all things considered, seems more than fair. It's a strong contender for the 55-inch 4K TV to buy.

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