It's all very well spending megabucks on your TV and sound system, but it's not going to be a lot of fun watching it cross-legged on a wooden floor. Yes, we're talking about bums on seats and, the cushier those seats, the better. Sure, you might already have a decent three piece suite but if you really want to screen in style, then here are 10 of the best home cinema chairs and recliners you'll find anywhere.

Ovei (£50,000)

Got £50,000 to spare on a personal entertainment experience? Then you'll need the Ovei. It's a custom made entertainment pod for one offering you an enclosed space to watch, play and relax according to, well, whatever your whim. It's rather hard to argue when you're stumping up with that level of wad.

Designed by Lee McCormack and engineered by McLaren Applied Technologies, those of F1 fame, each capsule is bespoke and hand crafted to client specifications. Users will be able to set it up with any kit they want from a PS3 to Xbox to media server as well as choosing the colour and interior. Oh, and the small screen you can see in the image? That's just the remote. Usually, most people opt for a whacking great TV inside as well. Expect to see them, er, well nowhere, really.

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Body Sound Chair (£7500)

If you'd rather something more traditional, then the cream of the crop is the BodySound home theatre in your chair experience. With Italian leather upholstery, a built-in 7-channel audio system and multiple inputs, it really is the Rolls Royce of luxury recliners. There are speakers at the arms, the spine, the seat and the head, it's Dolby Digital compatible and it has two back massagers in there for good measure as well.

They come in a choice of colours and styles as well. The row of two is pictured here but you can get a love seat with the central arm removed, a row of three or four or just the single recliner which works out as £4000 on its own. They come with all sorts of software, remote controlling and computer link ups as well. To put it bluntly, they're the dog's bollocks.

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Inada Massage Chair (£3925)

No speakers this time but the Inada Massage Chair is so good that, once sat down, it's very hard to stand up ever again. It offers a total horizontal recline, individually gripped legs and feet and a series of 3D rollers designed to give you the perfect body treat as you sit through your favourite films.

It has 10 different medical settings offering optically controlled Shiatsu massage. So, when you step into it, the chair senses your height and your joints and works out exactly which places to apply the right pressure to your body. There's also a joystick for manual control just in case you'd prefer some harder pushes in some different places. It's still seriously expensive but guaranteed to have you dribbling with pleasure in minutes.

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Fortress Uptown (£3195)

The Fortress range of home cinema seating doesn't offer any trinkets like the others but they do have bags of style. The pick of the range has to be the Uptown with its seriously good looking mid-brown leather and wood finish and built-in foot rest. It might not give you a massage but at least there is a cup holder.

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Premier Seats (£1200)

Drinkstuff offers a range of Premier Home Cinema seats that you buy in singles or in rows up to five. Each one comes with storage cupboard, mini fridge, back massager and remote control for full electronic reclining action. You can either get them in red or black in suede or leather and they're anywhere between £1200 and £5500 depending upon how many you go for.

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La-z-boy Cool Chair (£1200)

No article on home cinema seating could possibly be complete without the world famous La-z-boy and its popular Cool Chair model. It has soft padding, a 10-point massage system, a mini fridge in the arm and a telephone attached as well, just in case you can't be bothered to get up to find your mobile which is actually highly likely. You can pick them up for £1200 but we've just noticed a second hand pair ready for pick up in London for £200 dated 19th April 2010. Good luck.

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X-Rocker Deluxe (£450)

At this point, we finally reach the more or less affordable but that doesn't exactly make the X-Rocker Deluxe a snip at £450. All the same, it's a soft leather, black recliner with a storage compartment in the arm and 3-channel wireless audio system with stereo surround and a big fat sub under your bum. You can plug just about anything into it and anything out of it. Great for cinema, great for gaming and a great buy considering furniture ain't cheap.

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Hide Recliner (£150)

There's nothing sexy about the Hide Recliner, but £150 is as good as it's going to get if you want to enjoy your home cinema from the comfort of a genuine leather recliner. Naturally, there are no back massagers or speakers built-in but it's still nice, comfortable and padded and an absolute bargain given the price was originally double what you see now.

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Fatboy (£150)

There are, of course, other, more cow-friendly ways to slouch around while watching the football or your favourite film and the Fatboy bean bag is a great example. Available from Firebox for £150, you can lean on it in all sorts of angles somewhere between chair position and totally horizontal and it comes in four different colours, including camouflage.

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I-EX Bean Bag (£99)

Strictly speaking, this is a gaming chair/bag but, if you'd rather not blow your yearly wage in home cinema furniture or your house-fellow/s won't let you break up the 3-piece suite, then the I-EX is very good option. It's somewhere between a bean bag and a chair with the convenience of the former and the high back of the latter. It will make you look a bit like a teenager - particularly if you pick it up in a huff and take it into your bedroom - but that does make it a nice economical way of dealing with a mid-life crisis.

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Your Chairs

So are there any we've missed out? Do you have a chair or sofa at home just perfect for watching films that the world should know about? Let us know in the comments.

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