(Pocket-lint) - “It hasn’t got a name”, a spokesperson for the company told Pocket-lint when we caught up with the Honeycomb-powered Android tablet announced at CES.

We’re talking about the Toshiba Tablet, due to be released in America in the next couple of months, which will hopefully vindicate the disastrous Toshiba Folio launch that was pulled from the shelves just days after it launched in the UK.

What is Toshiba going to call it, “Maybe we’ll just stick with the Toshiba Tablet”, we were told.

While we suspect that probably won't be the case when the marketing men get around to their brainstorm, the fact that Toshiba hasn’t yet named its tablet could be seen by some as worrying.

Probably not as worried however, as some will be after realising that the demo tablet on display at CES is only sporting Android 2.2.

“It will get Honeycomb”, we were told, but for some reason not just yet. Strange considering Motorola and its Motorola Xoom is touting Android 3.0 already.

Still, what we were able to have a play with was the hardware. Here you’ll get what Toshiba call EasyGrip - a rubberised polymer backing that is ribbed (for her pleasure) that means it’s unlikely to slip from any lubricated hand.

It’s solidly built though, and that should help it win out against the plethora of other tablets also launched at CES (Asus, Motorola, Panasonic, Sharp, Viewsonic, and many more).

Other exciting notes of interest include two cameras, one forward facing one rear facing, and that means you’re ready for a spot of video calling and photo snapping if that’s your thing. The addition of a 5-megapixel camera is welcomed, although we can’t see ourselves really wanting to use the Toshiba Tablet for snapping pictures of the kids.

Without the right operating system installed, the verdict is still very much out on this one.

We will keep you posted. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.