(Pocket-lint) - The Sony S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets have broken cover in London albeit still behind the safety of a thick, nailed down glass case. The two, currently software-less, prototypes have made their first UK appearance giving some clue as to what their selling points are set to be.

The striking feature of the S1 is its folded magazine profile with a wedge shape not that dissimilar to the Sony Vaio Z laptops. The idea behind the shape is to skew the weight more heavily to one of the edges meaning that it should be easier and more natural to hold; something which Sony feels is missing on current market devices.


As well as its own 800x1200px 9.4-inch screen, the S1 will also be good for throwing content back and forth between both Sony and non-Sony devices via DLNA. With IR remote control technology also built in, you've also got another gadget to rely on when you start losing things down the back of the sofa.

The S2 is the more curious of the pair with its foldable 5.5-inch display. So far, there appears to be no HDMI for getting your content off via a hard connection but mercifully it's got the same content throwing credentials as its bigger brother.


Both tablets are set for an Autumn launch with no prices available at the moment. More details to come and we might even get to actually, you know, touch them and turn them on and stuff some day soon.

Writing by Dan Sung.