Although Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Tab S2 tablet prior to its Unpacked event, Pocket-lint got the chance to actually hold on at the London leg of its media briefing for the first time. And, we must say, that initial impressions are that it is stunning - lighter and more comfortable to hold than an iPad and better than any tablet Samsung has produced in the past.

We spent some time with both sizes, the iPad mini-like 8-inch device and the 9.7-inch model and must say that the latter probably impresses the most. Because of its size, the 5.6mm thickness really makes a difference.

It is also super light, feeling like a comic rather than a full book. It's a real step forward for Samsung in this field for sure. Gone is that plasticky feel too, replaced with a much more premium form factor.

Pocket-lintsamsung galaxy tab s2 hands on image 14

In terms of specifications, the display is super sharp and very vibrant, with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 and being Super AMOLED. Plus the tablet pretty much does everything instantly, thanks to the octa-core processor (of unnamed origin at preset).

Android 5.0 is pre-loaded, while the rear and front cameras are 8-megapixel and 2.1-megapixel respectively.

The 9.7-incher also comes with a 5,870mAh battery, so will definitely last a reasonable while before needing to be replaced.

We're still awaiting prices and actual release dates, but both the 9.7- and 8-inch devices will be available in both black and white and from our brief play at the event in London, we're suitably impressed.

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First Impressions

It is undoubtedly the weight and thin nature of the 9.7-inch version that impresses us the most, although the 8.0 model is suitably slender too, but you only need to see the incredible sharp screen on both to know that these are tablets you'll happily watch media on.

Samsung has been criticised in the past for its cheap and cheerful tablet ranges, but in the S2 it has a creditable alternative to Apple's iPad devices. Although we need to test the tablets fully, we are already of the mind that if you are an Android fan and are in the market for a new tablet, these will be worth considering.