(Pocket-lint) - One of Samsung's lesser hyped products unveiled at IFA 2014 was its ruggedised version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet. The 8-incher is thicker and less sleek than the company's other slates, but it adds water and dustproofing for a more extreme lifestyle.

When we played with a Samsung Galaxy Tab Active briefly during the show though, we basically checked it out for tablet use, but we found the Samsung stand on the show floor to have a more revealing demonstration of its talents.

Different test zones were set up to show the new tablet in the most extreme of circumstances. They were each behind glass so we couldn't technically get to the devices to make sure they really were unscathed, but from the screen being on and the exteriors looking fine, we presume they were.


A water test had a device being constantly drenched by jets of water, which rained down on it for the entire duration of our visit. The dust test was perhaps even more severe, housing the Tab Active in a tube of rapidly swirling sand. The only issue we saw with the device in that situation was that the battery needed recharging, but that was more because it had been sat in that position for a couple of days without being plugged in.

In both tests, it's safe to say that Samsung capably made its point.

The only other test not in effect during IFA was the shock test. When we get one in for review we'll creep up behind it in a ghost costume and, oh, I get what they mean now. We'll test that somehow too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active is IP56 rated, which means it is weatherproof. It is protected against dust and "strong jets of water". You won't be able to completely submerge it, but will be fine using it in a storm, for example.


Other specifications include a 1280 x 800 resolution TFT screen (so doesn't quite look as saturated or sharp as other Samsung Full HD AMOLED panels). And its cameras are 3.1-megapixels on the rear, 1.2-megapixels on the front.

It's driven by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM and comes with 16GB of storage space. The battery is pretty beefy at 4,450mAh. And it supports Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity.

Like the Panasonic Toughbook range, the Galaxy Tab Active is more for businesses than individuals - workers who need to use the device in extreme situations. It will be available soon, price is yet to be revealed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.