(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has announced the Galaxy Tab S, offering 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch models, and both come with accessories for keeping them looking as good as new.

The Book Cover protects both the front and the rear of the device and it can be folded into three different angles consisting of viewing mode, touch mode and typing mode, designed to provide the best position for watching videos, reading or typing.


Inside there is a suede-like material to protect the display, which will turn off or on when the cover is closed or opened.

The Book Cover is light, very slim and doesn't add too much bulk at all to the device itself.

It follows a similar principal to the Apple iPad Smart Case but it is slimmer and looks a little more premium than Apple's offering as Samsung has added a few finer details such as the outline of the camera hole in rose gold.


The front and rear of the case follows the same perforated design, but with smaller dots than the rear of the device and it is offered in six matt colours including white, bronze, red, blue, black and ivory.

The tablet was comfortable to hold with the Book Cover on and you didn't feel like you wanted to take it off, which we have found with some other tablet covers.

It offers protection but it seems to do it in the most minimal way possible with no fuss added.

The Simple Cover takes the minimalism even further with just the front of the tablet being protected.


It offers an even slimmer design and while the same style as the Book Cover is adopted, it is even less intrusive on the tablet's overall feel.

Again, closing and opening the Simple Cover will turn the display on or off and it has a soft-touch grip that is designed to offer maximum comfort in the hand, which we thought it succeeded with.

The Simple Cover is available in white, bronze, red, blue and black and we suspect it will be a welcomed addition for those who want to protect their tablet but don't want too much extra weight.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the two covers though was the way in which they connect to the tablets themselves, as Samsung has introduced what it is calling Simple Clickers.


The back of each of the tablets features two circular rings, while the covers themselves have what looks like poppers on them.

You have to line the poppers with the rings on the tablet and the cases will click and lock into place.

The lining up was a little tricky at times but it is very simple and it felt very secure when we got them in place.

It moves away from the magnetic idea of some other cases available and we have to say, we liked it.

Finally on the accessories front, Samsung has launched a Bluetooth keyboard for the 10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S, constructed from the same materials as the tablet itself.

It comes with the same dot design as the rear of the Galaxy Tab S and there is a dip at the top of the keys for the tablet to sit in.


The Bluetooth keyboard looks great with the rose gold trim and once you are finished, you can turn the tablet display side down onto the keys and a clip will hold it all in place, turning it into a bronze dotted block with the Samsung branding on it.

It looks great when it is open and when it is closed, which is a bonus, but our only complaint would be that it makes the package of the tablet and a keyboard a little heavy to carry around. That said, we suspect it will be lighter than carrying a laptop.


The Bluetooth keyboard will be available in Titanium Bronze and Dazzling White to match the tablets, and while the model on display wasn't final version, we liked it a lot and suspect the fashion-conscious consumer will appreciate it.

In terms of specs, it runs Bluetooth 3.0 and features a power slide switch, Bluetooth pairing button and a 200mAh rechargeable battery.

No prices have been revealed for the accessories yet, but Samsung has said they will be available the same time as the Galaxy Tab S tablets in July.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.