(Pocket-lint) - Earlier this week, the EDF Energy London Eye revealed that it would be packing the big-wheel's pods with Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 devices and Pocket-lint was invited down to test out the new tech.

Each capsule boasts six of the Honeycomb tablets mounted around the edges, which are pretty solidly surrounded by a white metal case to keep thieves and hackers at bay. On each tab is bespoke software designed by LMC design, using Henry Stuart Photography images to create an interactive experience.


This includes multi-dimensional views of London's sights using 360 degree scrollable images that are a result of non-stop-24-hour filming. Its creation complies with months of research and testing (5,000 visitors, 1,000 spins, hopefully not at the same time) into what enhancements visitors would most like implemented.

The result is an experience that compliments the London Eye flight, rather than distracts from it. Instead of wondering what a certain building is, you can simply look it up - provided that it's one of the 44 loaded with info that is.

Info such as its name, your distance from it, the year it was built and a brief bio. On some landmarks you can even take a virtual tour. The panorama is fully zoom-able, drag-able and other words with "able" at the end and you can switch between a night and a day-time view as well. These being Galaxy Tabs and not just custom built cheap tabs, the interaction is pretty seamless and the wait times pretty much non-existent.


At present, all but three of the capsules have been fitted with the devices, with an extensive refitting process underway. The work is due to be completed in May, after which all of the pods will be Galaxy Tabbed to the max.

It's a great addition to what was already a fantastic attraction and, given the current boom in tablet popularity, a move that was a no-brainer really.

Get down there and test it out for yourselves....

Writing by Paul Lamkin.