We were teased about its coming and now the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is here. Well almost. While Samsung hasn’t put a launch date on the new device other than “Early this Summer”, that hasn’t stopped us getting hands-on with the new mid-sized tablet at CTIA in Orlando, Florida.

The new model is nice to hold and not too heavy, without compromising too much on the screen experience, given the step down from 10.1-inches.

That’s probably most likely due to a high resolution screen - the same resolution as the 10.1-inch in fact - even though there isn’t as much glass, so it offers a higher pixel density.

samsung galaxy tab 8 9 hands on image 3

Interface-wise the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is running Honeycomb, however unlike the Motorola Xoom it has put what it is calling the TouchWiz UX skin on top. What that means in reality is a series of widgets on the home screen that allow you quick access to things like the calendar, weather and your media.

Overall the experience is a good one with the added interface not overly bloating the Honeycomb offering, but still offering plenty of extras that Samsung feels enriches the experience further.

We’ll be bringing you more in depth thoughts on the device once we’ve had a bit longer to play with it. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 officially skinny