(Pocket-lint) - Nokia is about to expand its Nokia Music service beyond the Nokia Lumia handsets, the company has confirmed. But rather than offer it just as an app to other Windows Phone manufacturers like HTC in the same way it is about to do with its navigation maps, Nokia will bring Nokia Music to Windows 8, Windows RT, and all browsers via a Responsive Design friendly website. 

In a move that is likely to appeal to many and show the company's commitment to offering products and services to more than just Windows Phone users, the new Nokia Music Windows 8 and Windows RT app will be available to all who opt for the company's Nokia Music Plus service that costs £3.99 a month. 


For £3.99 a month, Nokia Music+ offers the ability to save playlists in order to download tracks for offline listening, such as when you're on the Tube or if you don't want to cane your data plan. At present you can download only up to four mixes on the free version, and this is lifted completely. It also adds an infinite amount of song skips.

The Windows 8 version has been specifically designed for the tablet, but still keeps in with the "Modern" Windows 8 and Windows RT.


Downloadable tracks on the paid version of the service are also higher quality - six times higher, Nokia says. And you can set rules to download tracks only when in a Wi-Fi zone.

The offering also gives you access to gig news from the artists you play, and even their official Twitter account so you can see what Flo Rida is saying, or Lady Gaga for that matter. 

The new app will be available in the Windows Store, although Nokia wouldn't give us a specific date, only going as far as to tell us it would be "soon". 

Writing by Stuart Miles.