During Microsoft's Surface announcement event in New York, Pocket-lint managed to get some brief playtime with both the new tablets. The Surface Pro 2 is the more professional version, with Microsoft taking aim at the laptop market, so these are our initial thoughts.

The magnesium build looks and feels great. While it's a bit hefty, in terms of density, it only weighs two pounds. This gives it a rough, rugged feel. You should feel safe dropping this from an alright distance because it looks tough enough to withstand a sledgehammer (which Microsoft claimed it could).

microsoft surface pro 2 pictures and hands on image 12

The Pro 2 has a 0.53-inch thickness, and it offers one USB 3.0, a microSD card slot, a headphone jack and a cover port. It's also only available in Dark Titanium, where as the Surface 2 has a shade of white. Microsoft said to expect 50 percent more color accuracy from the 1080p display.

Microsoft also said the Pro 2 has better graphics and 20-percent faster performance. The Core i5 Haswell inside provides 1.6GHz, and you can choose from 4GB or 8GB of RAM. It'll also come with Windows 8.1 next month. Overall, you're looking at a pretty capable pro version of the Surface 2.

Let's not forget about the kickstand either. Like the one on the Surface 2, it gives a wider range of viewing angles. Although we didn't get much time with it or the bundled pen, they seem to work adequately and should help boost the total experience.

microsoft surface pro 2 pictures and hands on image 6

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 will be out in the UK and US on 22 October, starting at £719 / $899. Browse the gallery below for more hands-on photos.