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(Pocket-lint) - Dell has gone all Windows RT with its new XPS 10 tablet. Looking a bit like a carbon fibre version of the Asus Transformer range of tablets, the XPS 10 features a detachable keyboard so you can work with or without it.

Playing about with the XPS 10, the small chiclet keyboard responded well and, crucially, so did the trackpad - something Asus hasn't quite managed to get right yet. Windows RT ticked along smoothly but Dell is keeping the internal specifications of the 10 quiet for now, so no word on what processor.

The XPS 10 is amazingly light without its keyboard attached, this is helped in part by the carbon fibre back. With keyboard it's a slightly heavier affair - but then it does help substantially with battery life, translating to a possible 22 hours.

Pocket-lintdell xps 10 pictures and hands on image 5

Detaching and re-attaching the keyboard was quick and easy. It works nearly identically to the Asus devices, with a locking mechanism that, once held open, simply needs a yank to take the tablet out. 

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Touch response on the tablet was good, as was the edge-to-edge glass, which created a premium feel for the device. Again, it looks like the rest of Dell's XPS range, which is no bad thing.

Not a lot else can be said about the XPS 10 until after Windows 8's release. It works well, there are plenty of ports for a tablet with keyboard and the carbon fibre is a nice touch. In the end what will make or break it is price, so lets see what Dell has to say about that in future.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth. Originally published on 16 April 2013.