We were at the launch, we've seen stacks of information about the BlackBerry Playbook, and now we've managed to get some hands on time with the new tablet from RIM at CES in Las Vegas. 

Our play was brief, but we can tell you that it not only looks smooth, but runs very smooth as well, as you glide your way through apps running or the menu system as if you were a figure skater doing your stuff on the ice.

Small, light and nimble, the biggest problem BlackBerry is going to have here is convincing its core user base that its BlackBerry phone should be seen in the other hand - it makes BBOS 6 look decidedly clunky. 

Still, apps that we've spotted include many found on BlackBerry like BBM and Kobo the ebook reader. 

We hope to be spending more time with the PlayBook shortly so will bring you more in-depth first impressions after that. 

We could lie now and class this as a review, but you know that's just not our style. 

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