Asus has announced a new docking station for the Nexus 7 tablet at CES in Las Vegas.

The new dock is as simple as it sounds, and gives Nexus 7 owners a chance to prop up there 7-inch tablet in landscape mode on a desk or bedside table.

asus nexus 7 dock announced 24 99 coming soon we go hands on image 3

Around the back you'll find a micro USB socket, and a headphone jack to let you connect it to a speaker. Weighty enough to sit comfortably on the tablet, the new dock will be out in the UK in the coming weeks and will cost aroun £24.99, Asus tells Pocket-lint.

Not a must-have, but will certainly appeal to those who got the award-winning tablet for Christmas.

UPDATE: Asus has got in touch to say that the original price they gave us was wrong. The docking station in the UK will cost £24.99. We have corrected the article to reflect the new price.