The iPad mini 3 saw itself updated at Apple's special event. But where the iPad Air 2 got plenty of investigation, the "new" iPad mini 3 was skirted over rather quickly.

It got itself one screen, with blink-and-you'll-miss-it coverage, before the attention turned to something more dazzling. Is the iPad mini so disregarded to not warrant the attention?

We questioned whether to write about it ourselves following the news and having seen it in the flesh, because nothing has really changed. There's the addition of Touch ID on the front, which also appeared on the iPad Air 2.

That means you'll be able to identify yourself with your fingers, authorise transactions and so on.

apple ipad mini 3 adds touch id but makes the old model more appealing hands on  image 2

In terms of design, build, weight, display, it's the same as the previous model, the iPad mini 2. It has the same 64-bit A7 processor, the same 5-megapixel camera, the same connectivity options in Wi-Fi and LTE.

What it didn't get that the iPad Air 2 did, was the laminated anti-reflective display, the faster Wi-Fi, the A8x processor and barometer sensor.

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It doesn't get slow motion video, the 8MP camera or burst mode. That means that the iPad mini 3 isn't the mini version of the iPad Air 2, which the previous generation was.

It does come in gold now, however.

apple ipad mini 3 adds touch id but makes the old model more appealing hands on  image 8

There has been a lot of shifting in price in the iPad models, however. The iPad mini 3 is available in 16, 64 and 128GB storage capacities, at £319, £399, £479 respectively. 

The 2013 iPad mini 2 - which is the same device without Touch ID - is available in 16GB and 32GB options, at £239 and £279 respectively. 

The iPad mini 3 at 16GB is now the same price as the old iPad Air, which has the same specs. That iPad mini 2 at £239, however, looks like a bargain, as long as you're not fussed about Touch ID. You get the high-resolution display, plenty of power and portability.

We loved the iPad mini 2, it's a tablet we've found ourselves using a lot. So if the iPad mini 3 has done anything, it's made that older device even more appealing.