Apple iPad mini with Retina display is the name of this year's iPad mini update and although the design stays the same, it gets a huge speed boost in terms of specs and that all-important Retina display to match the iPad Air. 

In a nutshell that's the story here. New power, new colours, and a new reason to buy. Of course if you are a big fan of the iPad mini then this is going to make you realise that you now have a device that's only good for the kids, or eBay, and that in Apple's mind is no bad thing. 

apple ipad mini retina display pictures and hands on image 13

The iPad mini with Retina display looks to be a real powerhouse and certainly in our play compared to the iPad mini is noticeably faster than its predecessor. That's because its got a 64-bit A7 processor as well as the M7 coprocessor, giving it the power to do lots of things. It's more powerful than the old iPad 4, getting innards closer to the iPhone 5S.

Previously the iPad mini could be seen as something of a weak link, with the original coming with an A5 processor, whilst other devices were getting more and more power. Now the iPad mini with Retina display is more like a pocket rocket. Not only to the specs rival that of the larger iPad Air, but the display is the same resolution too.

Let's not mess around with this: the iPad mini with Retina display, at 7.9-inches, gives you a pixel density of 326ppi. That puts it in the same ball park as the new Nexus 7 when it comes to sharpness and the results are hugely impressive.

We always liked the iPad mini because of the size and convenience: it was the iPad experience that you really could slip into your pocket. But now it's all of that and more and although it will cost you £319 to get the cheapest model, a fair hitch-up over the original.