(Pocket-lint) - Could the Acer Iconia Tab A700 be the best tablet on show at CES? It's definitely the best so far due to that fact that it is only the Taiwanese company that has played its launch hand at the metaphorical Vegas blackjack table that is the world's biggest tech expo.

But it could just have the minerals to still hold the top spot come the end of the show, especially considering that it is packing a quad core CPU and has a Full HD 1080p display.

Pocket-lint was lucky enough to get its mucky paws on the 10-inch, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, tab (and we weren't the only ones as you can see by the amount of grubby fingerprints it sadly displayed) at the press conference where it was officially teased for the first time and we have to say it's an impressive beast.


We didn't get long enough to get a thorough examination but we fired up a HD movie on the A700, had a quick bash on Riptide GP and, on both occasions, it smashed through them like a warm knife through some cheap Lidl butter.

We're not sure what the battery life is going to be like come launch time but if the 10 hour rumours ring true then Acer could well be on to a winner. It certainly makes the Tegra 2 packing dual core A200 a much less attractive prospect though, that's for sure. 


We're not sure just how long you'll have to wait until it goes on sale though - no release details were given although there are whispers on the rumour mill that it could go live after an official MWC unveiling in March.

We'll let you know as soon as we do.....

Writing by Paul Lamkin.