(Pocket-lint) - If you are like us, you've probably started using your iPad as a makeshift cookbook when in the kitchen.

It's simple isn't it? Find your favourite recipe, load it up, and start cooking from the instructions. The catch comes of course, when you need to find somewhere to perch your tablet.

In steps the HandyShell from Speck that comes with a large handle built into the design that doubles up as a stand and a hanger letting you get it out of the way of the scales.


According to Speck the strong-hinged handle works "great as a thumb ring for a one-handed grip" and while that is true, the better use for it is to hang it off a kitchen cupboard door so it stays out of the way of the cooking.

If you want to plonk it on the kitchen counter can, and that strong-hinge is easily strong enough to stay put whatever angle you decide you want, while the cover itself gives you plenty of protection.


It's made from a silicon material and that gives it a soft touch. It also means that it will be able to take some knocks and bruises, but don't expect it to withstand anything too tough.

The case does add some bulk to your thin iPad and if you are confident you're not going to drop your iPad every two seconds, the extra large handle is a bit of a waste, but if you want to hang your tablet with your coat, or hat for that matter, then this is certainly one way to do it, shame though that the colours are a bit strange - grey and lilac isn't that amazing in the flesh. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.