Zagg is best known for its ZShield scratch-proof gadget wrap, but the company also does some really great cases. The most exciting has to be the ZaggKeys Mini 7, designed to add a portable keyboard and case to your iPad mini or other 7-inch tablet.

The small size of the iPad mini coupled with the ZaggKeys makes for an extremely portable product. Think of it as an ultra-small MacBook Air, more compact even than an iPad with keyboard case, yet with the same core functionality. 

The keys are set in an island style, and laid out in a way to provide maximum finger space.

On the back of the case is a durable faux-leather material which should keep the back of your brand new mini-tablet scratch free. This back also has a stand, not unlike that of the Microsoft Surface, which folds out and keeps the tablet screen supported while you type.

The whole case is nicely put together and doesn't add a huge amount of bulk to your iPad mini or other 7-inch tablet. We can see it being especially useful to those who plan on replacing a cheap laptop with a mini for work. At £89.99 the price isn't totally unacceptable either.