We love the old 1980s TV quiz shows here at Pocket-lint. You can't beat a bit of Bully, there's nothing better than a Blankety Blank, and who wouldn't love their own Dusty Bin?

But the best of them all featured the exploits of Mr Chips, an animated robot not unlike the Android logo, who jiggled, waggled and stuntedly jerked his way around Amiga-generated vistas in order to provide visual clues to phrases for contestants to guess. But, while the official Catchphrase app is now available on iPad and iPhone, we actually favour one inspired by host Roy Walker's own bone fide catchphrase...

Say What You See: The Collection HD

iPad / iPad 2
£Free (69p per extra canvas)

Say What You See has actually been around on iOS for some time now, but was one of the first to really embrace the freemium aspect of app content delivery. For starters, the puzzle game itself is now completely free to download, and you even get a whole "canvas" (more on which later) gratis. Then further canvases are available for 69p each, and believe us when we tell you that you'll soon be hoarding them all like a dragon doth gold.

The game itself is simple in concept. Each canvas is a massive, full-screen scene with a different theme, including 80s Movies, Video Games and the latest, Rock Bands. There's currently 20 to collect in total, and a new one is released roughly once a month.

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The idea is that within each canvas are 50 products, people, movies, bands, etc, which comply with the theme, and you have to find them. However, it's not simply a case of tapping on a hidden word. Instead, each of the items is represented with a cryptic picture and you have to guess what it spells out.

For example, if the theme is Rock Bands and there's a picture of an iron and a shirt with a capital "N" burnt into it, that would be Iron Maiden (Iron Made N - geddit?). It's great stuff, and can have you perplexed for hours if not days.

As soon as you tap on one of the picture representations, an in-app keyboard appears on screen, using which you type in the answer. If you've spelt it incorrectly, or missed one of the words, it will most likely show an amber signal to let you know you're close. If you're wide of the mark, it stays red and you can try again.

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Naturally, because of this, you do have to watch your spelling and each canvas is only of use to those with a decent knowledge of the subject matter. You wouldn't want to play the Horror Movies canvas of you're no fan, as some of them can be obscure.

However, there are hint coins scattered around each canvas which, when spent on one of the trickier pictures, will give you a further clue. We found these really helped in ensuring we completed certain canvasses.

Ultimately, Say What You See: The Collection HD (which is also available on iPhone) is strictly a game for those with the patience of a saint, but the elation you feel when a particularly tricky picture suddenly comes to you is worth a million space invaders-style blasters.