Some apps are cool, they carry with them a sort of social edge that gets you noticed when you mention you play them. Others are not cool, they are guilty pleasures that rapidly descend you into the world of app addiction, never to return. My First Trainz Set is definitely one of those. 

If you consider Angry Birds for example, the premise of flinging birds at pigs seems like a concept you would want to avoid altogether. Similarly why would you want to pilot computer generated "trainz" around a virtual living room? The answer is very simple, because they are both quick, easy and very fun.

My First Trainz Set grants you the power to build and drive locomotives through track setups you have designed around a house. If things stopped here they would be embarrassing enough, but Trainz goes one step further, allowing you to pickup and drop off passengers. We highly suggest not playing this one while on the train home, one glance over the shoulder by a bystander could result in instant levels of uncooldom.

My First Trainz Set

Android (Honeycomb)

Fire up My First Trainz Set and you are greeted with a choice of four different "rooms" in which you can play, with things like bedrooms and kitchens making up the majority of choices. It reminds us quite a bit of the level ideas from gaming classics like Micro Machines, but with trains replacing cars.

Then you decide whether you want to drive or build. The latter involves dragging and dropping objects from the landscape you have chosen in order to create a background in which your train can drive. Track itself takes a leaf out of Rollercoaster Tycoon's book, being placeable anywhere and very much a join the dots affair.

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Driving the actual trains is our favourite bit, particularly thanks to the properly rendered interiors, which add to the bizarre feeling created when driving a train around a room full of giant furniture. It is a bit of a stop/start tap based setup in terms of actual train control, but then who wants a properly complex sim when the aim of the game is to build a train set around a virtual living room. 

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My First Trainz Set is designed to run on Tegra 2 powered devices and, as such, has pretty clean and crisp graphics. It is definitely one of the better looking games on Honeycomb and we are glad to see Android beginning to get a properly graphic-intensive gaming look in. 

Sure My First Trainz Set might not be the coolest of apps, nor is it going to hit the redline on the exciteometer. It is, however, unique in that there are few other applications that exist like it, short of Trainz simulator, the big kids version of the app. It is well designed, looks great and definitely fun to use.

Fan of Trainz? or do you prefer Trains?