(Pocket-lint) - Having used and dismissed numerous iPad capacitive styluses (or styli, if you prefer), we were wondering if we'd ever find one that works with the tablet sufficiently, or whether we'd have to look at entirely different devices (HTC Flyer?) for applications such as drawing and sketching.

However, that was before we got the chance to check out the Bamboo Stylus for iPad from Wacom. Like many of its peers, it comes in pen shape, with a handy clip at the end for budding scientists to hook onto their lab coats; unlike others it's also as sturdy and well-made as a quality pen, and has a smooth rubberised capacitive tip rather than one made of metallic sponge.


This latter feature essentially means that it moves much more smoothly and softly over the screen, and as it is spherical, you can be precise.

The tip is also (claimed to be) 25mm slimmer than with most rivals, yet it retains the same usability.

Indeed, we tested the Bamboo Stylus with plenty of different apps, including the painting/drawing tools Brushes and SketchBook Pro, and the only limits to its speed and accuracy were in the pace of the software applications themselves. With SketchBook Pro, for example, the stylus drew speedily and succinctly, as if we were using a pencil on paper.


Its satin-textured body feels classy and comfortable in the hand too, so shouldn't cause any strain over long-term use.

The only sticking point for some will be its £25 price tag, but if you're an artist or persistent doodler, we think you'll find that it will be money well spent.

And Android tablet fans might want to seek it out too, while we can't vouch for all applicable devices 100 per cent, we did test the Bamboo Stylus for iPad on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it works admirably.

Do you use a stylus on the iPad (or other tablet device)? And, if so, what's your experience? Let us know in the comments below...

Writing by Rik Henderson.