(Pocket-lint) - So you’ve got an iPad, but here’s a question for you, where do you put it? If you’re struggling with that answer, or have a first generation iPad kicking around the house without a home since you bought the Apple iPad 2, then a small British company believes it might have an answer.

The FridgePad Colour, designed and created by Woodford Design, is an iPad stand (of sorts) that comes with a whopping big magnet on the back to stick it to your fridge or any metallic surface you can find.

The idea is that you buy the £35 accessory, stick it to your fridge, plug in your iPad and then, whenever you’re about to get some milk out of your cooling cupboard, you can check your email or the web (Pocket-lint of course).

Intrigued by the whole idea, we’ve done just that and lived with the FridgePad for a week to see if it’s worth the bother.


The good news is that although it’s simple, it does actually work with the strong magnet (which is slightly bigger than an iPad) sticking to our American fridge as intended. At no point did we worry that the iPad would fall off thanks to the magnet's power and some strong grips at each corner holding the iPad in.

In fact, those strong grips were a little too grippy. We would have liked it to been a little easier to remove the iPad without feeling like we were fighting with something that wasn’t keen on giving it up.

While we've been testing the silver model, the FridgePad Colour comes in black, red and cream as well, although it doesn’t make much difference, apart from aesthetically.


Still, having a base station, albeit one that isn’t powered, in a central location has been incredibly helpful. We now don’t lose the iPad around the living room, and yes we’ve been checking the latest tech news when we’ve been stuck wondering what to eat for dinner.

As for the iPad 2, the FridgePad doesn’t currently support the new thinner design. However, the makers behind the “first and only Apple iPad fridge magnet mount” tell us that they are working on a upgrade kit which should be available in the coming weeks, and that when that happens, both options will ship in the box.

Writing by Stuart Miles.