So you’ve an iPad and you need to protect it. Joby, the people who normally make bendy tripods for your camera, believes it has the answer to not only protecting your Apple tablet, but also allowing you to position it in a number of different positions wherever you happen to be.

Supposedly inspired by the Japanese art of the fold, the rather confusing case should, says Joby, take the average iPad user around 5 minutes to master.

Once mastered though it, says Joby, will give you stances for reading, writing, watching, and protection as it works its way through a series of rather complicated origami-inspired moves.

Made from “super-strong” lightweight aluminium and polypropylene composite, the iPad snuggles in ready to be manipulated. Luckily there is a handy set of instructions on the case to get you started.

The new case will cost $79.99 and be available in the US by the 16 January. A UK launch has been confirmed, but the spokesperson we spoke to said a release date and price hadn’t been set.

We will keep you posted.