Vodafone has seen the error of its ways and canned the Vodafone Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v before it goes on sale in the UK. 

In a move that was always questionable from the start following the announcement by Samsung that they would be making a thinner, slimmer 10.1-inch Honeycomb tablet, Vodafone has now agreed that the situation has changed and that selling a "fatter" version of the one that anyone could buy would be a silly move that would only end in tears. 

In an email to those that had pre-registered Vodafone has said:

"An important update regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v. We’ve decided to add the slimmer Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to our range, which will now take the place of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is packed full of cutting edge technology but is one of the world's slimmest Honeycomb tablets, measuring 8.6mm thick and weighing just 599g. We’ve updated our website with more details, which you can see here. We'll be in touch again soon with more information on pricing and availability."

vodafone kills samsung galaxy tab 10 1v goes with slimmer model image 2

The second generation Galaxy Tab, which has now become the first generation (confusing we know) will be launching in the UK in the near future and be the only one you can get.

The 10.1v was going to be exclusive to Vodafone and feature a better camera, and Honeycomb without Samsung's Touch Wiz interface. 

Samsung hasn't said what will be happening to the stock. 

We originally reported that Samsung had killed the fatter version at CTIA in Florida, however at the time both Samsung and Vodafone contacted us to say that wasn't the case

It seems we were right all along.