iPad 2 prices are coming in thick and fast from all the UK networks now (check out the Orange and T-Mobile plan details that emerged earlier) and it's now Vodafone's turn to disclose its deals.

Vodafone, like the Everything Everywhere twins, is rewarding existing customers with discounts. It's £199 for the 16GB version, £249 for the 32GB one and £349 for the 64GB one if you're already on Vodafone's books.

For new customers, you're looking at £30 more than these prices. In terms of monthly fees; it's £24.50 for existing Vodafoners and £27 for newbies.

That buys you 2GB of data, with each gigabyte of data over that costing you a further £15.

We're going to be honest - in terms of prices and fees at least - it's all much of a muchness between the networks so far.

We're keen to see what Three offers up - it usually likes to come in late with the cheapest deals when it comes to iDevices.