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(Pocket-lint) - Toshiba has taken to Twitter to tease a new device to be launched in Las Vegas during the CES consumer electronics trade show.

Simply posting a picture under the tweet "Keep on Clickin'" with the date of "06.01.2015" on the image, Toshiba UK confirms that the mystery device will be announced on 6 January - the press conference day prior to the main show starting.

Of course, it's unclear what the device is. "Clickin'" would suggest that it could have something to do with a TV remote, which would make sense considering Toshiba makes televisions, although it looks too thin and sleek for some so simple. It could definitely be a tablet device, and a superthin one at that, but that doesn't really click as such.

We'll take a stab in the dark and suggest that it is a tablet, but one that is capable of "clickin'" into a keyboard accessory to turn it into a touchscreen laptop. After all, laptops are still a significant part of Toshiba's business and with the Encore tablet shown at IFA this year, the company switched from Android to Windows 8.1 at the operating system.

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Either way, Pocket-lint will be at CES in Las Vegas in a few weeks to find out.

Writing by Rik Henderson.