Toshiba has shown off a waterproof tablet at CES in Las Vegas perfect for using in the pool. The new tablet will also feature another tech that will make you go "ooh" and perhaps even "ahh".

Worried that you might run out of battery power at the bottom of the swimming pool or in your aquarium, Toshiba has also given the concept device wireless power as well, so you never have to plug it in.

According to a spokeswoman for the company, the tablet features the ability to receive power when placed near a charging station using the water's conduction strengths to transfer power from the charging base to the tablet without the need to ever plug anything in.

toshiba waterproof tablet with wireless power concept demoed at ces image 2

The technology looks to be very similar to the Powermat range of charging mats or Palm's Touchstone charging unit released in 2009 however, with this prototype, the two devices don't have to physically come into contact with each other.

A Toshiba spokeswoman at the company's stand at CES didn't have any information as to when we might see this go on sale, telling us that at the moment it was a "proof of concept" prototype. We will keep you posted though.