Toshiba kicked off CEATEC 2011 with a highly entertaining (there were pretty ladies) press conference where it officially announced to Japan the Toshiba Regza AT700 - "the world's thinnest and lightest tablet".

The 10.1-inch tab weighs just 558g and is a Victoria Beckham-esque 7.7mm thin.

But hang on, doesn't this all sound a bit familiar? Indeed it does because these are the exact same measurements given for the Toshiba AT200 that was announced last month over in Berlin at IFA.

Ambiguity, when it comes to Toshiba's naming process for its tablets, is always guaranteed.

We just hope that Toshiba has learnt its lesson from its past tablet fiascos. If you remember, there was the major fail of the Toshiba Folio with its non-Flash, non-Android market and high return rate troubles, then came the Regza/Thrive/AT100 device that, although offered a number of connectivity options, failed to live up to the company's expectations and also confused us name-wise.

The AT700, AT200, or whatever you want to call it, looks like a great device though with plenty of potential. We were impressed when we got hands-on at IFA and seeing it again up close in Tokyo has only raised our excitement levels further. Let's hope the release is hiccup-free this time around.

toshiba regza at700 world s thinnest and lightest 10 1 inch tablet  image 8

In other Toshiba CEATEC news that the company announced to Japan is the 55-inch Regza 55X3 glasses-free, Quad HD (3840 x 2160) TV and the dynabook R631 Ultrabook PC; again "the world's thinnest and lightest".

Sound familiar? Yep - that's because these are the Toshiba 55LZ2 and the Toshiba Portege Z830 that were both announced at IFA. Or, at least, they are devices with the exact same spec sheets.

We did, however, get some new info: a price for the super-duper telly. It'll be ¥900,000 - roughly £7,500 - when it hits Japanese shops in December.

Oh Toshiba, you and your crazy naming processes...