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(Pocket-lint) - Over in Berlin at IFA, Toshiba has been walking round with its chest fully pumped out, telling anyone who'll listen that it's got the skinniest tab in town with the Toshiba AT200.

Samsung may have come along all guns blazing with its Galaxy Tab 7.7 measuring in at a super slim 7.89mm, but the Japanese electronics giant has shaved 0.19mm off of that - and on a tablet with a 10.1-inch screen too.

So Pocket-lint was extremely keen to get its hands on Tosh's third crack at the Android tablet market - so we sought out that skinny-minny to give it the once over at Europe's largest tech expo.

The first thing we noticed is that, although without doubt extremely thin, the fact that the edges don't curve as much as more fruity tablets makes it appear bigger than it is. But once you get used to it, and realise just how light it is, at 558g, you soon realise this is a tab with serious one-hand ambitions. Although it was hard to judge the weight accurately as the couple of AT200s that Toshiba did have freed from perspex cages were under lock and chain.

toshiba at200 pictures and hands on image 2

The display, which is a capacitive LCD with a HD 1280x800 (16:10) resolution, is noticeably radiant. It's bright, and even under the glare of the show floor lights and hundreds of flashing cameras (not to mention the abundance of smeared finger prints) it looked good. Very good in fact, and the viewing angles were superb.

We can't really comment on the sound of the AT200, with its Adaptive Sound Device Enhancer, as it was difficult to even hear ourselves think in a room choc-a-block with tech hacks.

Android 3.2 is on board and is a stock version by the looks of things - no sign of a Toshiba UI, at least on the models we saw, as of yet.

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Port-wise you're looking at a micro-USB, micro-HDMI and a microSD port - it's also got a docking port for those sure-to-come accessories.

Pocket-linttoshiba at200 pictures and hands on image 3

We couldn't really put the AT200 through its paces due to the attention it was getting on the show floor, so we can't comment too much on how the 1.2GHz TI OMAP 4430 performs. But it seemed to breeze through the browsing and photo viewing tasks that the assembled press presented to it.

No release date or cost details yet but, if Toshiba prices this right, then we're quite confident that it could be third time lucky in its quest for Android-tab mainstream acceptance.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.