Let's face it - Toshiba's tablet forays so far have been underwhelming at best.

First was the fiasco of the Toshiba Folio with its non-Flash, non-Android market and high return rate troubles, then came the Regza / Thrive device that, although offered a number of connectivity options, failed to live up to the company's expectations.

But could it be third time lucky for the Japanese electronics giant with a super-skinny tablet all set for an IFA launch? Maybe so, if a report based on some leaked pics on NotebookItalia ring true.

No spec revelations as of yet, but by the looks of the picture - which shows micro connections rather than full-sized ones - Toshiba's tablet Mk.III looks to be a much more slender affair than its previous efforts.

super skinny toshiba tablet touted for ifa release image 3

There are murmurs too about a dual-core 1.5 GHz OMAP4460 processor as well, hinting it could well pack a decent punch under its nice looking brushed metal finish.

All sounds good at the rumour stage then, Pocket-lint will be getting its hands on all the new Toshiba kit out at the Berlin based expo later this week, so expect more details to drop then.