Toshiba has released a statement saying that its Tablet (that's the working title) is coming in Q2 2011 - but we knew that already right?

Right - and, despite a load of new press shots, there's no info attached that we didn't already know from CES as well (apart from a few little titbits regarding Resolution+ video enhancement tech).

So why has the Japanese electronics giant kicked up the hype machine if there is nothing new to report?

Who knows? Maybe it's trying to make sure we don't forget about its Android 3.0 effort whilst the likes of HTC, LG, Samsung and Motorola show theirs off over at MWC in Barcelona.

Whatever the reason, we're just hoping that the launch of the 10.1-inch, Tegra 2 touting tab goes better than Toshiba's previous Android effort - the Folio 100, which was pulled from shop shelves last year not long after it went on sale due to Flash problems.

Talking of the Folio - this too was on display at a Toshiba event Pocket-lint was in attendance of on Tuesday, and we were assured that all Flash issues are now behind it, and it now has official accreditation from Adobe ahead of its re-release which is coming soon.

The Froyo packing tab will have its work cut out for it though. In a market place that is soon to be overrun with Honeycomb devices (not least one from its own manufacturer) it will surely have to be incredibly budget-friendly if it is to attract a customer base.

Back to the Android 3.0 Toshiba Tablet, and Pocket-lint once again got up close and personal with the device at the event. It's just a shame the models on show are still running Froyo - a nice piece of Honeycomb would have been much tastier.

We expect more details to drop soon regarding the Tablet, so watch this space.

Toshiba Tablet hands-on