The Toshiba Folio 100 hasn't exactly enjoyed the greatest launch in tech history.

First up, the promise of Flash on the device failed to materialise (until a hastily produced patch was rolled out) and then reports suggested a distinct lack of the Android Market on the Tegra 2-touting tablet.

And now it seems that one of the biggest electronics retailers in the UK, Dixons Retail (formerly the DSG Group), has decided to halt sales of the troubled device due to a "high return rate" as a result of multiple issues.

A poster on forum MoDaCo managed to get hold of a leaked PC World memo that stated that it was "temporarily stopping sales" and increasing the price to £999 to deter people.

Maybe the suggestion that Android 2.2 isn't a tablet-friendly OS are proving to be correct already. Sure, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has received some favourable coverage and generally been the recipient of positive reviews, but there are still niggling doubts as to whether the OS has been ported successfully to the bigger form - you don't get full screen playback on all apps, for example.

Maybe 10.1 inches was a step too far for Froyo. Or maybe the Toshiba Folio 100 was a bit too budget concious with its hardware.

Pocket-lint has contacted Toshiba for a comment on this story, and we'll update you as soon as we get one.