Vodafone may have been first out of the blocks to declare itself a launch partner of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but Three has now announced that it will be selling the 7-incher as well, and is the first network to come to the table with price details.

Unfortunately it's not the actual cost of the Tab that has been declared, but details of its SamTab SIM only monthly rolling plans.

Three will be offering voice and data plans, or simply just data plans.

The voice plans are SIM10 - where £10 will get you 100 minutes, 2000 Three-to-Three minutes, 3000 texts and 1GB of data and SIM15 - where, you guessed it, £15 takes your minutes up to 300.

The data only plans are £7.50 for 1GB or £15 for 5GB. With Three's iPad plan you get 10GB for £15, but the same, 1GB, for £7.50.

Nigel Field, director of devices at Three said: "With both the Android and tablet markets going from strength to strength, we’re proud to be ranging the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

"More than 97 per cent of Three traffic over the network is data, so more than ever consumers need to make sure they’re on a network that can cope with the demand when buying mobile Internet devices like tablets.

"With both SIM and Wi-Fi connectivity, Samsung Galaxy Tab users on Three can get the most out of the product knowing they're with the UK’s number one mobile broadband provider."

The prices certainly are competitive and Three has a reputation for undercutting its rivals on the big devices. It will be interesting to see how many people actually go for the voice plans - after all the SamTab is a ruddy-big device if you're going to use it primarily as a phone.

But, for just £2.50 more on the 1GB plan, some people might see it as a viable second line.

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