Sony might soon release a second version of the Xperia Z Ultra.

Interestingly, the refreshed Xperia Z Ultra  won't feature an updated processor or any such improvement. In fact, it'll actually loose a much-loved feature: 3G and 4G LTE mobile data connectivity.

Recently-leaked benchmarks indicated that Sony is working on a Wi-Fi-only version of the 6.44-inch phablet, according AnTuTu. It'll still have cellular connectivity; it just won't boast the 4G LTE radio found in the original Xperia Z Ultra.

If true, Sony is likely catering to users who still want call-and-text functionality but prefer to browse the Internet when only connected to a Wi-Fi router. These type of users typically try to save money - and they probably want a phablet that's more tablet than smartphone.

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There isn't anything else missing in this rumoured version of the Xperia Z Ultra. As for when you can expect to see it, G4games reported that a similar Sony device passed through the US Federal Communications Commission in November. That means it could launch very soon.