Bored of the Sony S1 and S2 teaser tablet videos with the Rube Goldberg style domino effects?

Well, us too - and there's still two more to come after this third instalment. However, look past the gimmicks and there is actually a decent bit of S1 and S2 action going on in this latest vid.

Most notably there's a good look at the eBook reader functionality with the clamshell S2 (that middle black bar finally has a use) as well as a look at Crash Bandicoot in action (probably the Xperia Play version).

There's also a look at the music player app and some movie watching with the Green Hornet.

Pocket-lint got up close and personal (well, as personal as you can get with a perspex barrier) with Sony's two tabs at its recent event in London. Both tablets are set for an Autumn launch with no prices available at the moment.