Samsung has pipped Apple, Toshiba and Archos to the punch and demoed an internet tablet designed to be connected to its range of televisions in the home.

The remote portable LED TV Couple device, as it is called, features a 7-inch screen and integrated high-speed 802.11n Wi-Fi letting people surf the internet around the home.

Users will be able to access multimedia content on the Internet or on local PCs and storage devices within the home.

"Samsung’s new LED TV Couple offers consumers a first-of-its-kind multi-media experience of being able to watch two separate channels of high-quality video on a primary digital TV set as well as on a remote portable LED TV Couple device simultaneously," says RMI, the company behind the chip it's powered on.

However rather than just offer the internet, users will be able to treat the tablet as a second TV within the home as well as use it as an interactive Universal Remote Control for the primary digital TV set. The LED TV Couple supports interactive Electronic Programming Guide (iEPG), which provides users with a digital guide to scheduled terrestrial, satellite and cable TV broadcast television programs.

When not in use, Samsung suggest using it as a digital photo frame.

No word however on a launch date or price.