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(Pocket-lint) - Want to see what Samsung's next tablet looks like?

The company is likely getting ready to announce the Galaxy Tab S4 considering it's leaked so much recently, with the latest example being a full-blown "hands-on" video, published by SlashLeaks. While the 10-second clip doesn’t give us any information about specs, price, or release date, it does seem to confirm circulating rumours about the upcoming tablet - like that it won't have a home button.

Reports and leaks indicate Samsung wants to kill all the hardware buttons on the Galaxy Tab, and this video appears to back that up. We can also see rather large bezels in the video, which is unacceptable, considering it's 2018. If you could care less about that, then you'll be happy to hear this device will likely launch as is, and soon, because it's clearly on display for what seems to be a presentation.

Samsung probably showed off the Galaxy Tab S4 at an analyst or retail partner demo show, which would mean it plans to announce it in the near future. Samsung does have an event on 9 August, when it will unveil the next Galaxy Note phone. It's also holding a mystery event on 1 August. Samsung's UK PR has informed us that we can expect a "new addition to the Samsung Galaxy device line-up."

So, maybe we'll see the Galaxy Tab S4 announced then. If not, it could arrive at the Galaxy Note 9 event. We'll keep you posted.

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Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 27 July 2018.